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Saturday. 4.26.08 11:19 pm
I went shopping today, because I needed more cups of fruit and such.

I decided I wanted some nuts. I don't like to get anything with peanuts, because peanuts always ruin a nut mix. Stupid filler peanuts.

I found this crazy nut-rition digestive health mix, with granolas and dried cranberries and cherries. It's too damn tasty, I'll have to keep buying it. Maybe. I don't like that the granolas are HFCS-tastic, I prefer my nuts and such to be nutty ... maybe with some honey. It's like eating cereal that they got the proportions wrong in, where there are more nuts and berries than there are granolas. It might go pretty well with some yogurt.

There are 3g fiber in a serving, I think almonds by themselves have 5gfiber... Ok, maybe not, calorie count says 1 serving of almonds has about 4g fiber. Oh well.

But before that, I found sparkling green tea ginger ale, so I bought it. I hate buying soda nowadays, because I realized that it never really made me feel all that great, and again with the HFCS bullshit, either way I realized that bottled drinks are generally too sugary, so I buy a soda, take a sip, and make the most entertaining faces ever. Either way, I buy the soda, maybe take two cups worth of it, and the rest either goes to someone else or sits around forever and a day.

It's very green tea-y, not like the lipton bottled green tea I used to drink. Then it's ginger ale-y. It's not bad, Dave thinks it would be better cold, I like it as is. Oh well.

And what with this rice rationing, I should probably have gone to buy rice two weeks ago. Pretty soon it will be vogue to be fat, and here I've lost around 1/4 of myself, I will have to go find it, so I can be fashionable. Darnit.

oh no! I'm sorry. I'll continue blogging, but I think I want to try vlogging for a while. Anyway the youtube community seems like it rarely embraces people from a lot of the negative comments I see. Haha so I'm more than likely to come back here since people here aren't as negative

I've been eating a lot of almonds lately... oh and the sparkling green tea ginger ale...I think I have to get some of that stuff haha. sounds good!

» Ajibalaji89 on 2008-04-27 01:01:09

o.o u live in malaysia oso?

tomolo i gonna ask my mom to stock rice before price went up higher le zzzz
» elitevillain on 2008-04-27 01:49:45



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