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I'm going to die!!! (now with pictures!)(edited)
Sunday. 3.25.07 7:42 pm

So I went to Wendy's to try their uber-spicy 4-alarm sandwich, because I <3 spicy things.

Firstly, it wasn't all that spicy. My mouth is spicy, my throat is a bit spicy, but my sinuses AREN'T clear, and my eyes AREN'T watering.

4-alarm is El Rodeo's pollo a la diabla. Wendy's 4-alarm sandwich? 1 at the most.

I didn't need beverage, or ice, or milk, or anything!

This saddens me.

Why am I going to die, you ask?

So I'm eating this sandwich, thinking "hah! 4-alarm! My left boob is spicier than this!"

I get to a point where I bite, and I feel that the meat isn't moving. Gross, it must be a nice chunk of gristle. Huge, so it's triply gross, but that's ok, I can bite in a bit more, and spit it out.

I unbite the sandwich, and look at it to observe this massive hunk of gristle/fat/whatever the hell it is.

I'm gonna link to these pictures, they're pretty... interesting. You get to see my cute little orthodontia-enhanced bite, as well as ...




I'm taking a few shots of vodka to kill whatever might be in my stomach.

I really don't see a point in taking this sandwich back, as I've eaten about 3/4 of it, so I really shouldn't get money back.

At the same time, IT'S RAW!!! If it were the first bite, I'd have taken it back. 2nd or 3rd, even... but once it's about 1/4 of the sandwich... I don't know.

I'm hoping that I do get food poisoning, and that I don't get it... you know?

I took it back... they offered another sandwich or money back. I took the money.

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you shall be fine.
some like their burgers like that.
which is gross.
but they dont die
» helloiloveyou on 2007-03-25 08:01:11

Lol, just sue them
Nah, not really, don't sue them. But I would take the burger back, even if it was almost gone, an demand either my money back, or a frosty, kind of hard to decide which one I like better...
» Morpheus on 2007-03-25 08:04:25

i forgot it was chicken.
nevermind, nobody likes raw chicken.
take it back and get the frosty.
and those pictures are disgusting.
» helloiloveyou on 2007-03-25 08:13:53

ew I hate when I eat chicken and I see pieces that look raw, yucky.
» MsFit on 2007-03-25 08:42:43

Raw chicken.
God bless your stomach.
» frostbitten on 2007-03-25 08:55:03

You probably could have sued and won.
» elessar257 on 2007-03-25 10:50:20

Uh.. They serve raw and cooked together? Hope you didn't and won't puke or feel unwell. I don't even think the Japanese have raw chicken on their sushi.. if they have that of course.
» Nuttz on 2007-03-25 11:03:40

Oh my. That's rather disturbing. Yes! Take the money back! Then you can beat them afterwards for trying to get rid of...er...whatever THAT was.
» Toowit on 2007-03-26 12:54:53

i think i was picked because my english good and better than the other staff.
» renaye on 2007-03-26 11:57:53

» LittleBrit on 2007-03-26 12:09:15

That's just nasty.... I just looked at the pictures lol. Seriously, I would demand a refund and a frosty because of that stuff.
» Morpheus on 2007-03-26 01:39:15

how do the feet look?
» helloiloveyou on 2007-03-27 01:13:32

Raw chicken is almost as good as a fresh fetus on a stick!

I hope they at least served you some pea-water to go with that chicken.
» DarkDragonKnight on 2007-03-27 02:18:12

that's absolutely disgusting. I'd have taken it back as well and demanded my money back. And it would have been a good looong while before I was ever back to that fast food chain. Which is why I stay away from BK, Denny's and now Arby's; all three places have served food that has caused me to be sick. And it takes a lot to get me sick. I hope that you don't end up getting sick cuz of it.
» LostSoul13 on 2007-03-27 03:13:31

After watching Fast Food Nation, I've been avoiding fast food joints.
Raw chicken...AHH!!
» Mockiller on 2007-03-27 11:44:51

Tsk tsk. I hate false advertising!
» Mockiller on 2007-03-27 12:32:42

Raw chicken? Ewww...o___O
Is your stomach alright?
» Spring on 2007-03-27 01:20:09

My birthday isn't til later in May. It's the 25th. What day is yours on? I have a nephew that has a birthday on the 8th.
» Angel ( on 2007-03-27 02:47:18

that's weird because some of it looked cooked. It probably cooked at a different rate because part of it was chicken and the other part... CRITTER!
» Zanzibar on 2007-03-27 10:46:35

Ew, oh my gosh! I'm hope you don't get sick! That's so gross how it was raw. And wasn't Wendy's the place that some guy found a finger in his chili last year?
» thisdisease on 2007-03-28 02:58:04

You should've taken another sandwich.
» Dilated on 2007-03-28 01:28:10

thanks for your comment.
» moonlight on 2007-03-28 11:24:37

It never crossed my mind that it could have been a hoax because grosser things have happened. And yes, homework is the devil. Unfortunately, you can't get rid of the devil forever.
» thisdisease on 2007-03-29 02:05:35



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